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Symantec WinFax 10 Pro is discontinued and is not compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 , existing faxes and user files need to be accessible from Windows Vista and Windows 7

Status: Resolved / Fixed


We could not make Symantec WinFax working under Windows Vista or Windows 7. Fax programs compatible with newer operation systems such as: FaxTalk, VentaFax, Snappy Fax are recommended. It looks like there is no way to make WinFax working with no crashes under Vista or 7. But there is a way to make WinFax files available under Windows Vista and Windows 7.

First choice was FaxTalk because it has option to import existing fax databases from WinFax 10 Pro.

Problem with FaxTalk: To be able to import faxes from WinFax to FaxTalk you have to have both programs installed at the same time under Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system.

After successful import you need to transfer imported database from FaxTalk under 2K or XP to FaxTalk installed under Windows Vista or 7.

One more bad thing - FaxTalk is very slow if you have database size close to 1Gb.

Snappy Fax program is working pretty fast with big fax databases. But there is no way how to view WinFax faxes under it.

Solution was simple. Use old Computer with windows 2000/XP with installed WinFax and Microsoft Office up to 2003. There is a way to view faxes from WinFax on Outlook.

THen make a new folder under Personal Folders in Outlook such as Incoming Faxes, Sent Faxes. Copy and Paste faxes from Winfax Folder in Outlook to newly created folders.

Now we have WinFax messages located in Outlook PST file. These faxes will be available from Outlook, even if you uninstall Winfax. Now you can import/export/copy Outlook PST file to new computer with other Outlook.

Only one more bad thing: to be able to view these faxes from Outlook we need to install a Viewer. Viewers supplied by Symantec WinFax wfqview.exe and miniview.exe could not be associated with fax files, cannot be used under Vista or 7. So far best is to buy FaxSee Pro from . It can be installed and associated with WinFax files.

As a result, old WinFax files will be located under Outlook, they could be found by search under Outlook, could be sent over E-mail, could be viewed by purchased FaxSee viewer.

New faxes will come to new fax management program. Email us: Phone us from Torono and GTA, Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan: 416-410-9176