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Quick Books 2002 Pro under Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit warning: File was not closed in the previous session. Rolling back to last fully recorded transaction....

Status: Resolved / Fixed


We found that problem is common not just under Windows 7 32 or 64 bit. Windows XP users have this problem as well.

Best way to fix it - upgrade to newest version of Quick Books, but if for any reason you don't want to do so, there is way how to make old one working.

We found that problem was with build-in Quick Books Browser. Even if we create a new company file, or tried to use not corrupted backup file - this message still comes up and, as result, next message Quick Books has encountered a problem and has to close......

Follow these steps to make it working:

  • Restart computer and do not start Quick Books;
  • Under Control Panel find Program a Features (Win7) or add/remove programs (Windows XP)
  • Find and uninstall any of those: Macromedia ( Adobe) Flash Active X or Add-Inn: Microsoft.Net Framework (it might affect some other program installed, but you can always reinstall it later ) Internet Explorer 8 or 7. If it is Windows 7 Click on Turn Windows features on or off and uncheck Internet explorer 8 and Microsoft.Net Framework
  • Restart computer, If it's Windows 7 we have to install Internet Explorer 8 Back - Click on Turn Windows features on or off and check Internet explorer 8, than after restart, launch Internet Explorer, Tools--> Internet Options, Security, and change security level for Internet and Local Intranet to minimum, Apply, Close
  • Start Quick Books, try to open company file
  • If it's back to normal - change Internet Explorer security settings to default, Install Adobe flash, under Turn Windows features on or off check mark for Microsoft.Net Framework
  • It worked for us Email: Phone: 416-410-9176