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Sharing knowledge / Windows


Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Microsoft Office 2007 , Microsoft Word randomly crashes, even with blank document, stops working, needs to be closed, no error number

Status: Resolved / Fixed
Additional Software installed: Nuance Paper Port, Scan Soft Omni Page, Adobe Acrobat...


Customer advised: Check Caps Lock, Password is case sensitive (capital letters are not the same that lower case letters), Restart computer in Safe mode, logon as Administrator with Administrator's password or with no password, Under Control Panel --> User Accounts find account name, choose Reset Password.

Tried a lot of things to work around, Uninstall/Repair/ Update Microsoft Office 2007.

There are a lot of article on the Internet. Main idea - conflict with some Com Add-in

To fix - Start Microsoft Word ( after 3 crashes - somehow started), press big circle button in left top corner, click Word Option--> Add-Ins--> Manage COM Add-Ins Go, uncheck all of them. Close Word, start it again.

If no more crashes , enable Add-Ins one by one, find one causing problem. In our case it was Zeon Word Addin (scansoft4). Email: Phone: 416-410-9176