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Onsite Services / Computer Tune-ups

A PC tune-up rids your computer of needless data and invasive applications and ensures its operating at its true potential. A tune-up diagnoses and corrects those system problems that’ll enable your computer to perform at its best.

A tune-up could involve:

  • Troubleshooting of any existing problems
  • Diagnostics to check system for problems, correction of problems
  • Installation of latest service packs, patches, security updates and drivers
  • Updating virus definitions and checking for viruses
  • Checking and ensuring that PC is secure from unauthorized access and "spying”
  • Uninstalling unnecessary programs and components
  • Removing unnecessary programs from start up
  • Deleting temporary and trash files
  • Correcting disk and directory errors
  • Checking cables and connections for integrity and wear, replacement as necessary
  • Dust cleaning of system to prevent hardware overheating and destruction
  • De-fragmenting hard drive for better performance
  • Optimizing video card and display settings
  • Applying performance tweaks
  • Optimizing system configurations to ensure the best possible PC performance
  • Overall system evaluation and recommendations